7 Step Turf Application Program

Step 1 March/April
Fertilizer with pre-emergent to control crabgrass and other grassy weeds into summer

Step 2 April/May
Fertilizer with pre-emergent and spray entire lawn with broadleaf weed control

Step 3-4 June/July
Grub control plus summer fertilizer and spot spray weeds as needed (Step 3-4 are done on the same visit)

Step 5 July/Aug
Summer weed control includes yellow nut sedge, grassy and broadleaf weeds

Step 6 Sept/Oct
Fall fertilizer that helps turf recover from summer heat and stress. This application also helps develop stronger root systems on newly seeded grass

Step 7 Nov/Dec
Late fall fertilizer often referred to as winterizer. This is the heaviest rate of fertilizer that helps build roots over winter for a thick lush lawn the following spring

3 Step Insecticide Program

Tired of having bugs? This program includes 3 applications spring, summer and fall to protect your family and pets. They target flea and ticks, spiders, chiggers and many more unwanted insects in turf and shrubs.

Fungicide Treatments

Building disease resistant turf is our number one goal but sometimes fungicide applications are still needed to control fungus issues. If you have a routine fungus issue we can develop a program to prevent it.