7 Step – Turf Application Program

Step 1          Pre-emergent and Fertilizer Application (March/April)
This application will prevent crabgrass and other grassy weeds from being able to sprout throughout spring and summer.  It also contains fertilizer to help your lawn green up and come out of dormancy from winter,

Step 2          Weed Control and Fertilizer Application (April/May)
This application is very similar to Round 1. It has pre-emergent to prevent crabgrass and other grassy weeds from being able to sprout late into summer.  It also contains fertilizer to help your lawn stay lush and deep green.  Now is the time to control dandelions and other unsightly broadleaf weeds so we blanket sprayed the entire lawn.

Step 3-4      Grub Control and Summer Fertilizer Application (June/July)
This application will prevent grub damage through summer and fall. Grubs are beetle larvae that feed on your lawn and cause serious damage if larvae count gets above 10 per square foot.  This application also contains 100% slow fertilizer to help feed the lawn through the hot summer months.

Step 5          Summer Weed Control (July/August)
During this application we are spraying all summer weeds still trying to grow.   Yellow nutsedge, crabgrass, and dandelions to name a few.

Step 6          Fall Fertilizer Application (August/September)
Fall is the best time of year to boost fertilizer levels in turf.  This application helps repair stressed turf from the heat of summer.  * Now is also the best time for core aeration and over seeding

Step 7          Late Fall Fertilizer Application (September/October)
This is the final application of the year often referred to as Winterizer.  It is straight fertilizer high in nitrogen.  It helps aid in root development throughout winter and a quicker lusher green lawn in the spring

3 Step Insecticide Program

Tired of having bugs? This program includes 3 applications spring, summer and fall to protect your family and pets.

  • We spray the lawn and shrubs with insecticide to control insect issues in both.
  • Insects controlled are fleas, ticks, spiders, chiggers, bagworms, mosquitos, mites, and more.
  • Airborne insects can still migrate in but if the insecticide is present it will continue to keep the lawn and shrubs bug free.
  • No watering is needed, this application is all liquid.

Tree and Shrub Treatment

  • This program includes 3 applications spring, summer
  • This program will help fight off insect and disease issues.

Liquid Aeration

  • Liquid aeration creates fractures within the soil and encourages greater rooting.
  • With liquid aerate the soil structure is split at a much smaller scale, allowing for deep penetration of water; roots will, in turn, follow, making nutrients available that were previously unreachable by the plant.
  • Humic acid in the liquid is great for the soil.
  • Liquid aeration can be done anytime during the growing season.
  • Liquid aeration covers the entire lawn.
  • There is no need to mark sprinkler heads, invisible fences, or cable lines.
  • The goal of aerating a lawn is to get more oxygen, water, and nutrients into the root zone. Improving the aeration within the soil is especially beneficial to lawns that are growing in clay or compacted soils.

Lime Application (Spring or Fall)

  • Lime helps restore PH back to optimal growing levels in overly acidic soil.

Landscape Bed Treatment (Spring)

  • This will help control weeds from sprouting in landscape beds.

Fungicide Treatments

Building disease resistant turf is our number one goal but sometimes fungicide applications are still needed to control fungus issues. If you have a routine fungus issue we can develop a program to prevent it.